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About the
Educational Foundation

Our Mission

Dubuque Senior High School Educational Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing financial support to further the educational mission of Dubuque Senior High School. We provide grants and gifts to support departments, teachers, students, student groups, school activities, and programs.


The DSHS Educational Foundation was created in 1992 as a separate non-profit entity to provide a structure for philanthropic donations. In that time it has provided thousands of dollars of financial support for graduating seniors and.....

The Educational Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. It is a separate entity from Dubuque Senior High School, governed by its own Board of Directors. Foundation Board members are community and business leaders, alumni, and parents who donate their time and talents. The foundation is a forum for individuals and organizations to demonstrate their financial support to the Rams in order to ensure the continuation of high-quality programs and services for Senior's students. You are not just helping one student, you are helping many.

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